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Create Cash Flow

The absolute best cash flow and return option on your land is to build on it. You can build to rent to create a long term, steady steam of cash. Or, you can build to flip with a margin of $15k - $25k. 

Both offer their own lists of benefits. The key is knowing what your land qualifies for, and what the demand is for the market your land is in. 

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Hold or Sell?

A quick formula for land is:

avg value x appreciation - annual taxes = your return

If this is good for you then hold. If not, sell and move your capital to a different market/asset. You can speak with one our Land Advisors to help assess what your next move should be. Our team deeply analyzes market trends to ensure you capitalize on your investment. 

Leasing a Home

Strategic Land Planning

Know your strategy. The biggest mistake land owners make is not having a plan. Sitting and hoping is never a win. Consider your ROI on timing, tax benefits, cash flow, 1031 contingency plans, legacy/inheritance plans, and options that maximize your land portfolio. 

Our Land Advisors can help develop a proven step by step strategy that works for you. 



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